Wrinkle Arrest
Wrinkle Arrest
Wrinkle Arrest
Wrinkle Arrest
Wrinkle Arrest
Wrinkle Arrest

Wrinkle Arrest

Cell Nectar
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Formulation Infused with Medical-grade Bioactive Peptides

Smooths & Refines

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Cell Nectar Wrinkle Arrest formulation is a peptide-infused botanical elixir, containing specific bioactive peptides that mimic botulinum toxin ("botox") effects. The tiny bioactive peptide molecules penetrate the upper layers of your skin to eliminate visible signs of aging linked to repeated muscular contraction such as crow's feet and frown lines, and wards off photoaging, accumulated sun damage that becomes more severe and permanent if left untreated. Use as a topical alternative to injections.


Shake gently. Apply a few drops either directly to the target area or fingertips and spread lightly onto skin. Do not blot dry or apply makeup for 5-10 minutes. Use twice daily for best results.


Clinical Strength
20% Bioactive Peptides

Medical Grade
100% Natural or Naturally-derived Ingredients, with 80% Natural Botanical Oils & Extracts, 75%+ Organic